Murray State University

Donor recognition walls at Murray State University

Murray State chose Harding Creative to design and install donor recognition walls and murals at the newly constructed Benefactor Hall on the northeast end of the beautiful campus.

Ending a $71,000 000 campaign started 5 years earlier, this project inaugurated this new hall. It celebrates donors, professors, and staff who have contributed significantly to the school’s success.

The lists of donors on shining glass were mounted to blue granite-like bases. We succeeded in bringing in the splendor of campus landmarks: Pogue Historic Library, the Murray State Quadrangle by night, the entry gates, and the newest addition to campus the five story bell tower.

Six relief shields (all different in design) were photographically extracted from the buildings they rest on and were reproduced with 3D looking accuracy to bring in the historical significance and beauty to the Hall!

The extreme edges of the Murray State Historic Quadrangle by night were reproduced on a 34’ X 16’ wall with 24—80 megapixel shots! Stitched together, this detail photo was slightly over 14 gigabytes and affords one to read every word on the 3” X 3” historical marker in the photo (normally this sign is approximately 3’ X 3’).

Donor Recognition Walls

Some of the finished product images are displayed on MSU’s website.

Please see more samples of donor recognition walls and wall murals on our work page.

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