Harding University Murals

Harding University President David Burks commissioned the Harding Creative staff to bring the “WOW FACTOR” to his new office building, Heritage Hall!

We developed four 20’ x 12’ wall murals which include the university slogan, “Faith, Living and Learning” (2nd of the 4), International Programs and Heritage. HCI mounted with acrylics on standoffs the Living faces of the university, its students and faculty!

The six locations to study abroad was the theme of the International Program wall, which has become a favorite for most 4-year students at the university. Featuring Athens, Florence, Paris, London, Sydney (down under) and the Patagonian peaks of Chile, it is full of smiling faces of students studying abroad in the world.

The heartwarming photos of the Harding University history is shown on the Heritage Wall! Donors and alumni alike are touched by the emblematic shots covering the school’s history.

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